Redhead™ iBGC Integrated Beam Gas Compressor

Increase Production Reduce Costs & Downtime

Increase your production with a INTEGRATED AND ENGINEERED Beam Mounted Casing Gas Compression System. The iBGC is the most economical solution for pumped off wells, maximizing your production while eliminating emissions.

Currently the industry standard is retrofit compressors on existing pumping units. These installations do not take into account the loads on the pumping units, and stresses found where they attach to the pumping unit. Conventional pumping units are not designed for compressors, which can lead to poor outcomes. Redhead™ iBGC is integrated into the design of the pumping unit, ensuring safe, effective and long life for both the compressor and the pumping unit.

Redhead iBGC Integrated Gas Compressor utilizes a design and manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the field. They invented it, and Redhead™ perfected it!

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Increase your production while maintaining your pumping unit warranty and reducing the risk of failures.
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Effective, Simple, & Safe

  • Mounts directly to walking beam of Pumping Unit, no External Power source is required.
  • Comes pre-installed with your Redhead™ Pumping Unit – saving installation time and costs.
  • Fully engineered package to ensure seamless operation.
  • Ease of Serviceability – Simplicity of design.
  • Ability to compress gas from multiple wells on a pad from one unit.
  • Have your wellsite compression ready when it is needed after initial production phase.


  • Reduces backpressure to increase productivity.
  • Eliminates venting and flaring.
  • Economical way of reducing back pressure on marginal wells.
  • The BGC™ requires almost no maintenance or adjusting.
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