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Redhead™ has achieved the distinction of being Canada’s largest integrated Pumping Unit company by focusing on our customer needs and specializing in proven and reliable conventional pumping unit technology. With industry changing innovations such as our BigRed™ Long Stroke units, and our JackPump™ Multiphase Production Boosters, the focus is on getting more out of your wells.
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Long Stroke Units

Proven reliability from the pioneers of the long stroke pumping units with a focus on improving performance, reliability & operational flexibility in long stroke systems.

  • Redhead™ has the longest runlife of any long stroke unit, and the most experience in that application.
  • Same market leading quality as our Redhead™ conventional Pumping Units.
  • High Capacity Pumping Units – High volume rod pump systems can achieve ESP type rates, but at much lower cost.
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Conventional Beam Balanced Pumping Units

Redhead™ is the market leader in beam balanced units, with it’s unmatched quality and reputation in Canada.
None of our competitors comes close to Redhead’s pre-assembly process, delivering your units fully assembled, to lower your installation costs. Our tightly controlled logistics will ensure on time delivery to ensure that your well gets on line, when you want it to.
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If you're looking for peace of mind with your pumping equipment purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Redhead Artificial Lift to get started.

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Redhead Artificial Lift provides the market-leading quality you need.

  • Redhead has become Canada’s premium Pumping Unit company, successfully selling and installing over 1000 pumping units in Canada.

  • Our pumping unit is currently manufactured with robotic welding & advanced techniques, increasing reliability and durability.

  • Newly optimized API dimensions contribute to better balanced structure and load conditions.

  • We feature component Interchangeability. With precision manufacturing, we are able to achieve universal quality of our pump products, and as a result, a better experience for the end-user.