Meet Big Red — Redhead's Long Stroke Unit

Need a unit that can keep up to the volumes previously only reserved for ESP’s?  Redhead™ Artificial Lift the global leader in Conventional Long Stroke technology, and we can help you get to your production goals.
Let us move your production to the next level, with the most experienced team, innovation and quality you’ve come to expect from Redhead™

Key Features

  • Capable of high rates typical in ESP systems, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Largest conventional pumping unit ever deployed.
  • Same market leading quality of the rest of the Redhead™ Pumping Units.
  • High capacity long stroke units: High SPM results in significantly increased performance compared to competition.

Key Benefits

  • Long Stroke Cost Effectiveness: Lowest capital, operating and maintenance costs.
  • Reliability: Because the Big Red is a very large conventional pumping unit, it requires the same maintenance regimen, unlike very specialized and expensive service from hydraulic and mechanical providers.
  • Familiarity: Big Red is a larger version of a pumping unit, so no specialized crews are required for setup and maintenance – we support all local service providers.
  • Fits on standard 36’ concrete base: no special foundation required.

Major Advancements

  • Wrist-Pin are secured by Superbolt technology, eliminating the need for hammer wrenching and ensuring proper installation.
  • Available with Redhead™ Convertible Base, allowing pumpjack changeouts without any changes to the base.
  • Versatility with 4 stroke options, from 320” to 160” – Allowing for a large variety of stroke lengths as the wells mature.

  • Redhead's Long Stroke Unit
  • Redhead's Long Stroke Unit
  • Redhead's Long Stroke Unit
  • Redhead's Long Stroke Unit

Experience, Facility & Qualifications

  • API 11E, ISO9001 & ASME Certifications
  • Seasoned staff - Over 100 years of combined rod pumping experience.
  • State of the art Assembly & Parts facility in Lloydminster.

Pumping Unit Specifications

Unit SizeRated Polished Rod Capacity (lbf)Stroke Lengths (5 standard)Maximum SPMRated Gearbox Torque (in-lb)Standard ECB @ 300”Reliability
2560-500-32050000320, 256, 213, 1716256000031000Legendary
1824-500-30050000300, 240, 200, 1609182400034875Legendary
1824-427-30042700300, 240, 200, 1609182400026000Legendary
1824-365-300365000300, 240, 200, 1609182400024000Legendary
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