Redhead VFD Package

SE200 Oil Well Integrated Pump Off Controller Drive


RH200 Oil Well Drives offer sensorless motor control which allows our units to run a rod pump without the use of dynamic braking resistors.

Onboard automatic voltage regulation allows the RH200 Oil Well Drive to efficiently operate rod pumps, even applications that are excessively out of balance. This is beneficial as the Oil Well characteristics are constantly changing as well as the upstroke and down stroke load requirements. The RH200 Oil Well package is also available with fully integrated pump off control options. We have designs to incorporate pump off controllers into our packages.

These units can run in different forms of control, the most common form of control is pump fillage set point.

After the pump jack and well info has been programmed into the POC a desired pump fillage set point can be programmed.

The unit will adjust its output speed to achieve the desired set point (if the unit is interpreting a high fluid level in the well bore the VFD will speed up automatically to maximize production, the inverse relationship will occur if the fluid level is low).

We can also program these units to automatically start and stop via pump off state or through a timer control. These units also have shutdown set points for a maximum or minimum rod load. A maximum rod load can shut down the unit if a high rod load is detected, this protects the structure of the pump jack, prevents rod parts and can protect the down hole pump. The minimum rod load can protect the unit from damage in the event of a rod part or seized/failing down hole pump.

There are also many other features with the pump off control units that we can review in further detail.

These units can be used on artificial lift pumping units of any size or model. Sizing of the units to be based on motor horsepower.

Package Details:

The RH200 Oil Well Pump Off Control units use a pump off controller to interface with the VFD. The POC uses external devices such as position sensors and a load cell to interpret data from the well. With a proper setup and programming the VFD will automatically adjust its running state and output speed to achieve the desired set points.

Equipment Features:

  • 5HP-200HP, 230/460/600VAC
  • Manual and Automatic speed control
    • Manual speed control via door mounted speed potentiometer
    • Automatic speed control via pump off controller
  • 1 Phase – 3 Phase Incoming Power Conversion
  • Auto Restart on VFD Faults or well shutdowns
  • Annunciation of well shutdowns on VFD HMI
  • Precise speed control
  • Allows the pump jack speed to be adjusted without requiring the motor sheave to be changed
  • Automatic timer on /off control available
  • Strokes per minute displayed on the VFD HMI
  • Offers power savings when compared to the well being operated with a starter
  • Reduces maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment/downhole pump/rod string



The stator core is laminated with high quality electrical steel with high permeability and low losses allowing the motors to operate more efficiently.

The stator windings utilize Class F insulation (Class H insulation is available on request)with polyimide enamel round wire and VPI treated providing strong mechanical support, superior electrical insulation, misture and contamination resistance, and uniform heat dissipation.

Thermistors(PTC) are embedded in windings (Thermostats are available on request), one each phase.


The squirrel-cage totors are of cast aluminum alloy. fixed on the shaft by means of hot fit. The rotor is dynamically balanced to reduce vibration.

Frame size Drive end bearingNon-drive end bearing
NEPM146206-2Z 6206-2Z
NEPM18 6207-2Z 6207-2Z
NEPM216208-2Z 6208-2Z
NEPM256309 6309
NEPM286311 6311
NEPM326312 6312
NEPM366313 6313
NEPM402P: 6313 | 4,6P:6318 2P: 6313 | 4,6P:6318
NEPM444-445 2P: 6314 | 4,6P: NU319 2P: 6314 | 4,6P: NU319
NEPM447-449 2P: 6314 | 4,6P: NU319 2P: 6314 | 4,6P: NU319

Bearing and lubrication

The motors are fitted with low noise and low vibration bearing special for motors. For the motors in frame size 210, bilaterally shielded ball bearing are used without replenishing grease. For the motors in frame sizes 250 and above, the open bearing are equipped with attachments having the function to drain and replenish lubricating grease without stopping the motor. No. 3 Lithium Base grease is used unless specified otherwise. Bearing design life is at least 40000 hours at rated load. Bearing size, see table 1.

Conduit Box

The conduit box is on the central libe of the enclosure. It can be F1/F2 convertible. The conduit box is made of cast iron and the opening utilizes Standard NPT threads (Metric threads and holes are available on request). There are grounding bolts and a connection diagram inside the conduit box.
Motor main leads and thermistor leads are loose keeping in conduit box (Therminal blocks are available on request).

Fan and Fan Cover

The fan is made of plastic or cast iron to different applications. The fan cover is made of steel sheet or cast iron depending on different operating conditions.


A sunshade is recommended when the motor is intended for outdoor installation in direct sunlight with an ambient temperature rating of over 40 degree C.

VFD Specs

10HPVFD package T3R-10-460
15HPVFD package T3R-15-460
20HPVFD package T3R-20-460
25HPVFD package T3R-25-460
30HPVFD package T3R-30-460
40HPVFD package T3R-40-460
50HPVFD package T3R-50-460
60HPVFD package T3R-60-460
75HPVFD package T3R-75-460
100HPVFD package T3R-100-460
125HPVFD package T3R-125-460
150HPVFD package T3R-150-460
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