Redhead Artifical Lift Facility

Redhead’s pumping units boast a proven reliability that unmatched in the market. Our manufacturer has over 10,000 units operating in North America alone, with over 3,000 of these units in Canada. Redhead is delighted to be the exclusive distributor of a top notched pumping unit manufacturer where their attention to product quality aligns with our vision of service standards.

CNC Dual Boring & Milling Machine

Provides outstanding alignment and concentricity of our gear reducers.

CNC Large Scale Gantry Machining Center

Redhead spares no expense to do things right, like this amazing machine that produces amazing flush surfaces on our components.

Robotic Welding

Eliminates human welding inconsistencies and allows for homogenous welds, even in hard to reach places.

Quenching Tanks & Furnaces

Our own heat treatment capabilities allows us better control over steel quality.

All Angle Automated Shot Blasting Machine

Results in an incredibly smooth surface for paint application.

Self Contained Painting & Drying Center

Culminates in beautiful and uniform paint, thanks to the ventilation and temperature controlled conditions.

Gear Reducer Inspection

Thorough checks of every gear reducer are conducted.

Gear Reducer Load Test

Each gear reducer gets load tested to further ensure field operation reliability.

Magnetic Particle Test

Assist in detecting surface and slight subsurface discontinuities, just one of our many NDT forms of testing.

Ultrasonic Test

Helps catch internal flaws that the human eye cannot see, another of our NDT processes.

Pumping Unit Test Run Pit

As the final item on an exhaustive list of quality checks, batches of fully assembled units take a run in our test pit.

Proven reliability from a proven manufacturer.

Redhead Artificial Lift Ltd. is focused extensively on rod pumping in Canada, with a long term strategy of maximizing the value of our production systems for the customer. We strive on controlling costs by maximizing efficiencies in shipping and transportation along with preparation and design, whereby we can pass those savings onto the customer.
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