Pumping Unit Services

Ensuring Long Life of a Critical Asset

In today’s competitive marketplace, Pumping Units are the best solution for Rod Pumping, as they contain all of the traits required for a long-term solution for pumping your well – long life, low maintenance and exceptional versatility. As with any piece of equipment, to ensure long life, regular maintenance must be conducted.

Our Redhead Pumping Unit Services team are dedicated to making your pumping units run efficiently and for the long-term. We repair and service all makes, models and types of pumping units, and the regular service performed by Redhead is critical to the long life of your machinery.

In order to service the Viking Formation, Redhead Artificial Lift has a service base in Macklin, Red Deer, & Medicine Hat.

Pumpjack services

1. Pumpjack Installation

Excellent pumping unit performance starts with top grade field personnel.

Redhead’s teams of pumpjack technicians ensure that units are installed safely, and to manufacturer specifications.

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2. Field Service

Experience is key in field service. From performing simple stroke changes to complex gearbox repairs, Redhead’s experienced staff is completely dedicated to pumping units — it’s all we do!

Redhead also carries a large supply of parts of all makes and models, so any repairs can be completed in little time at a low cost.

3. Annual Inspections

Regularly scheduled inspections are a key component to a long life pumping unit.

The experienced mechanics at Redhead conduct detailed inspections of any type, manufacturer or condition of pumping unit. From our inspections, we provide a detailed estimate of the parts and labor required to bring up to specification and safe operation.

4. Inspection & Service Database

An in-house custom built Database specifically designed for Pumpjack servicing to track equipment maintenance, costs and future service requirements.


Full Service List

Pumpjack Installations:
  • New installations
  • In field unit moves/Swap outs
Field Service:
  • Bearing assembly repair
  • Relevel and alignments
  • Gearbox repairs
  • Oil changes
  • Stroke Changes
  • Unit Balances
  • Any other Mechanical repairs on unit
Pumping Unit Inspections:
  • Preventative Maintenance programs with a yearly or semi-annual inspection and greasing.

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