The New Standard in Beam Balanced Pumping Units for the Canadian Market

Proven reliability from a proven manufacturer, with a focus on improving performance, reliability & operational flexibility in beam balanced rod pump systems.

Key Features

  • Market-leading quality
  • Established manufacturer with over 3000 units delivered to  Canada
  • Pumping Unit currently manufactured with robotic welding &  advanced techniques
  • New optimized API dimensions contribute to better balanced  structure & load conditions
  • Component Interchangeability: Precision manufacturing =  universal quality

Key Benefits

  • Versatile Stroke Length: The most versatile stroke length  options in the market. Specifically designed for rapid decline  wells.
  • Unsurpassed Reliability: High Quality components such as  brand name bearings & seals
  • Consistent Quality: Almost all components are built in-house  to ensure a quality product
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Major Advancements

  • Stroke Extender Series will increase downhole pump and  beam compressor efficiency, increasing production and system lifespan
  • Walking beam made of hot rolled steel beams – no stress concentration due to welding of separate steel plates to create a beam
  • In-House manufactured gears using cast steel have approximately 300% stronger impact resistance than the competition

Pumping Unit Specifications

Pumping Unit Specifications Chart

Experience, Facility & Qualifications

  • API 11E, ISO9001 & ASME Certifications
  • Seasoned staff - Over 100 years of  combined rod pumping experience.
  • State of the art Assembly & Parts facility in  Lloydminster.
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